How We Do It

How We Do It

We start with a unique sour cream recipe created exclusively for us by the dairy gurus at the LSU AgCenter Dairy. Crafted in small batches for a lively, tangy flavor and velvety texture, our recipe simply calls for milk, cream and European cultures. We season our sour cream with a blend of fresh herbs and select spices to create a savory snack dip featuring authentic Louisiana flavors. We never use anything artificial.

About Us

Growing up in Louisiana taught me the joy of blending select spices and fresh herbs. By grade school I was mixing my spice blends with sour cream for savory party dips that became requested at every family celebration - I felt like the party hero.

Over the years demand for my dips spread to neighbors, co-workers and friends who, in the New Orleans tradition, know how to throw a party. So I started Dip Me Snacks to bring the fresh lively taste to your party.

Yummy, convenient, and full of that Louisiana flavorful magic, Dip Me snack dip will make you the party hero, too! Dip Me is made with real ingredients and no foolishness - I never use anything artificial.

Dip Me is a salad dressing, a potato topper, a sandwich spread or a savory sauce for cold appetizers – and it’s perfect for dipping veggies and chips.

I invite you to share the joy my family has known for years. Dip Me snack dip says fun, flavor and freshness and I know it will make you the party hero every time!

Your snack hero,